Comprehensive telehealth and virtual care platform

Comprehensive telehealth
and virtual care platform





Comprehensive telehealth and virtual care platform







Apex is a comprehensive telehealth and virtual care platform. The integrated digital care technology transforms healthcare services through electronic information and telecommunication technologies. It allows convenient patient and clinician contact, treatment support, appointment reminders, health education, intervention monitoring and remote transformative care. The platform allows clinicians to stay connected with patients, and to collaborate with colleagues using encrypted video, encounter-based messaging and file sharing on any device. With Apex, our CareCall coaches conduct patient intake digitally, send medical surveys and questionnaires securely online, and store all patient notes and data in one place.




Patient Integration - Enabling active, meaningful participation in medical treatment decisions and wellness planning that optimize patient care.

Provider Integration - Collaborating as multidisciplinary medical teams, that include patient participation, to generate improved patient outcomes.

Workflow Integration - Telehealth, clinical encounters, dynamic documentation and clinical decision support.

Data Integration - Outcome analytics for continuous health improvement while reducing costs.