scientifically proven, evidence based

scientifically proven,
evidence based





We provide game-changing technology with empowering personalized patient services within the home





We change people’s lives



The genuine care and healing of our patients is our highest mission, and our goal is to help them get back to doing the things they love.




Each treatment innovation for chronic pain and musculoskeletal disorders is physician-driven and patient-centric. We rely on evidence-based, protocol-driven solutions that result in objectively measurable outcomes and return on investment.

Our solution is unlike any other treatment. We do not use needles, drugs or surgery. Rather we rely on evidence-based products and services using FDA registered proprietary medical devices with many years of research with demonstrated outcomes. Along with a whole-person approach to health involving care in the patients home. This with hundreds of testimonials from patients who say things like, “I got my life back!” is evidence of its value.




We are committed to home-based therapies to facilitate greater compliance by the patient and a higher quality experience for the patient. Our personal clinicians train patients on how to use the smart device/technologies, provide oversight, and help motivate and encourage.

Smart devices, digital therapeutics, and artificial intelligence to track adherence to the treatment plan and progress against it is incorporated in our programs. These technologies enable us to facilitate and ensure physician oversight, supervision, and involvement in the patient's progress and treatment.