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MedX has over 75 peer-reviewed medical journal publications documenting the efficacy of the technology and treatment protocols. For the past 30 years, patients being treated with MedX have achieved outstanding clinical outcomes with significantly reduced levels of pain and dysfunction, improved quality of life, restored spinal function and the return to normal activities of daily living.

Muscle - In Rehabilitation of the Spine: Science and Practice
Michael L. Pollock, PhD, James E. Graves, PhD, David M. Carpenter, MS, Daniel Foster, MS, Scott H. Leggett, MS, Michael N. Fulton, MD


A Rational Approach to the Treatment of Low Back Pain
Brian W. Nelson, MD
The Journal of Musculoskeletal Medicine


Exercise In The Management Of Chronic Back Pain
Thomas E. Dreisinger, Ph.D., FACSM
The Ochsner Journal


Pelvic Stabilization During Resistance Training: Its Effect on the Development of Lumbar Extension Strength
James E. Graves, PhD, Dina C. Webb, MS, PT, Michael L. Pollock, PhD, Jan Matkozich, Scott H. Leggett, MS, David M. Carpenter, MS, Dan N. Foster, MS, Joseph Cirulli
Arch Phys Med Rehabilitation


The Effect Of Lumbar Extension Training With And Without Pelvic Stabilization On Lumbar Strength And Low Back Pain
Dave Smith, Gary Bissell, Stewart Bruce-Low and Caroline Wakefield
Journal Of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation


The Clinical Effects of Intensive, Specific Exercise on Chronic Low-Back Pain: A Controlled Study of 895 Consecutive
Patients with One Year Follow-Up

Brian W. Nelson, MD, Mike Hogan, PT, Elizabeth O'Reilly, RN, Joseph A. Wegner, MD, MPH, Mark Miller, PT, Charles Kelly, MD
Low Back Pain


Lumbar Strengthening in Chronic Low Back Pain Patients
Sherry V. Risch, PhD, Nancy K. Norvell, PhD, Michael L. Pollock, PhD, Edward D. Risch, MD, Howard Langer, RPT, Michael Fulton, MD, James E. Graves, PhD, Scott H. Leggett, MS


Can Spinal Surgery Be Prevented By Aggressive Strengthening Exercise? A Prospective Study Of Cervical And Lumbar Patients
Brian W. Nelson, MD, David M. Carpenter, MS, Thomas E. Dreisinger, PhD, Michelle Mitchell, PTA, Charles E. Kelly, MD, Joseph A. Wegner, MD
Arch Phys Med Rehabilitation


The Effect of early Isolated Lumbar Extension Exercise Program for Patients with Herniated Disc Undergoing Lumbar Discectomy
Choi G, Raiturker PP, Kim MJ, Jin CD, Chae YS


The Effect of Workplace Based Strengthening on Low Back Injury Rates
Vert Mooney, Marvin Kron, Patrick Rummerfield, Bryon Holmes
Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation