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game-changing pain





We’ve been helping patients reduce pain, restore spinal function, improve quality of life and prevent surgery for the past 30 years




The MedX technology is FDA registered and has over 75 peer-reviewed medical journal articles that have been published. The quality of technology does improve treatment outcomes.






MedX is considered the gold standard for the treatment of low back injuries as an active, conservative care approach that has been proven to have superior outcomes, prevent costly spinal surgeries and reduce the use of opioid medications. Treatment with the MedX technology will dramatically improve a patient's condition and change the quality of their life.

Our proven solution succeeds where other treatments fail and helps patients get off the “merry go round” of recurring care utilization. We offer a structured approach that provides a long term solution for back pain, reduces medical costs, prevents surgery and improves patient health.

Our patient-centric model is enhanced by the inclusion of in-home and telephonic clinicians who are specifically trained in motivational strategies to inspire patients to make meaningful changes in their behavior to increase compliance, improve the likelihood of successful treatment outcomes.







For over three decades, medical research has been conducted worldwide on patients with low back pain to demonstrate the clinical efficacy of the MedX equipment. As a result of this research, MedX has been shown to be a safe and effective treatment for chronic low back pain and is recommended by the ODG – Official Disability Guidelines (the industry-leading medical treatment and return to work guidelines.)